Meridian Health Services - CURRENT Summer 2018

12 CURRENT | Meridian Health Services | Summer 2018 Meridian Health Services is a progressive healthcare organization specializing in “whole-person” health integrating physical, mental and social well-being. MERIDIAN INVESTMENT COMMITTEE Chris Fancher, Chair John Littler Rick Kelly Vicki Tague Brian Ring Michael Galliher Steve Smith John Coldren MERIDIAN DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL Karen Karmolinski, Chair Vicki Tague Steve Smith Chris Fancher Julie Newhouse Dr. Terry Whitt Bailey Wayne Shaffer Lori Luther Brent Webster Melissa Daniels Wil Davis Dr. David Gobble Erica Graham Dr. George Branam Dr. Scott Taylor Sue Ann Pflum MERIDIAN 2017-18 BOARD MEMBERS Front row, from left: Dr. Chris Bowles, Vicki Tague (Chair), Dr. Terry Whitt Bailey, Dr. Nancy Green, President/CEO Hank A. Milius Back row, from left: Chris Fancher (Secretary/Treasurer), Erica Graham, Wayne Shaffer, Mark Hardwick, Steve Smith (Vice-Chair), Mike Lunsford, Julie Newhouse A ALLIANCE FOR A HEALTHIER INDIANA, A STATEWIDE initiative to raise awareness of Indiana’s poor health rankings, made stops throughout Indiana. Meridian Health Services was a key partner and sponsor of the discussions specifically in Meridian’s larger regions of Muncie, Richmond, Lafayette, Connersville and Fort Wayne. The Alliance is a group of healthcare professionals, advocates, community and business leaders committed to making Indiana a healthier place to live and work. The Town Hall Road Show made stops in 17 cities throughout Indiana. Topics included tobacco use, opioid abuse, infant mortality, and obesity. Each presenter highlighted astounding statistics and opened discussions for integrated ways to overcome these problems. “The Alliance is a consortium of experts and it’s a great fit for Meridian’s mission of whole-person health,” said Hank Milius, Meridian’s President and Chief Executive Officer. At each road show, health care leaders, employers, policymakers, educators, funders, and community leaders collaborated to inspire grassroots support for better health and shared ideas about ways to work together at the local and statewide level. “Meridian’s mission of whole-person health, and its wrap around services help overcome the barriers to good health,” said Beth Clark, Meridian’s Vice President of Marketing. Meridian has 42 facilities including 23 clinics in 13 counties throughout the state. Licensed and trained medical, and counseling staff at Richmond and Lafayette’s Addictions Recovery Centers provide residential and outpatient addictions treatment and therapies. In 2017, the state spent $64.1 million in hospitalizations of babies with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). Meridian’s Maternal Treatment Program provides treatment counseling for pregnant mothers addicted to drugs so their newborns might suffer fewer residual effects of the mother’s addiction. Opioid addiction resulted in 17.9 deaths per 100,000 Hoosiers in 2017, exceeding the national rate of 16 deaths per 100,000. The cost to Indiana exceeds $1.5 billion annually. Meridian Health Services Richmond and Lafayette Addictions Recovery Centers provide residential and outpatient addiction treatment and therapies through licensed and trained medical and counseling staff. Better health and wellness isn’t just about a single issue, Clark said. “It’s about the whole person, and entire communities. Meridian Health Services collaborates and partners with hospitals, wellness facilities, and other health organizations to help assure quality services are available.” Meridian serves more than 46 counties throughout Indiana and is in 280 schools. TOWN HALL ROAD SHOW. The Alliance for a Healthier Indiana Town Hall Road Show was held in Muncie in June. Front row, from left: Sue Errington, Tim Lanane, Hank Milius, Katie Kincaid, Terri Austin, Dr. Cynthia Meneghini. Back row, from left: Brian Tabor, Rhonda Wilson, Nathan Taylor, Bryan Ayars, Mayor Dennis Tyler, Dr. Jeff Bird, Jane Ellery, John Disher.