Meridian Health Services - CURRENT Summer 2018

JULIE NEWHOUSE: ‘We take our oversight responsibilities very seriously’ J JULIE NEWHOUSE APPRECIATES THE IMPORTANT role Meridian Health Services plays in rural Indiana. As a resident of Rushville, she knows that healthcare isn’t something people in small communities can take for granted. “Rushville was the first primary care clinic that Meridian had, and it was something we desperately needed,” Newhouse said. “Many doctors and nurse practitioners don’t want to come to small communities. We are underserved, and Meridian really fulfills that need.” Newhouse has been a Meridian patient for 12 years. For the past three years, she also has served on Meridian’s board. Although she already had a positive experience as a patient, Newhouse said being approached to join the board opened her eyes to the expansive range of services Meridian offers. After talking with President and CEO Hank Milius about the company’s future, she knew Meridian was worth her time commitment. “I knew the company’s background, but once Hank and I met, I thought, ‘This is a great thing going,’” she said. Newhouse brings years of legal experience to the boardroom. She is a Rushville city attorney and has a private law practice, Newhouse & Newhouse, with her husband, Tracy. When not busy working, the Newhouses enjoy traveling. Newhouse and her husband have seen most of the Civil War battlefields including the western and eastern theaters. As avid history buffs, they like to explore sites that have played a significant part in world events—both in the United States and abroad. “We are history geeks,” Newhouse said. “We really like Civil War and Revolutionary War battlefields.” Newhouse continued: “We are going to Germany in two weeks to see our daughter, and are planning to do the post-World War II tour. My dad served over there, and we are hoping to trace some of his footsteps while there.” Their daughter, Paige, graduated from Duke University in 2017 and is currently finishing post- graduate fellowship in Germany. The journey will also be a dual way to commemorate family ties to the region. Being on the Meridian board has given Newhouse an opportunity to play her own part in history, and it’s a role that is important to her. “I think it is necessary to take membership on any board seriously, and our board members do. The Meridian management is excellent, and the board appreciates that. I believe we take our oversight responsibilities very seriously,” she said. Newhouse is impressed with the Meridian’s commitment to the future.“It’s really nice to serve on a board that is so forward focused,” she said. “Meridian’s vision is about seeking out new opportunities and offering their expertise and assistance to more people in need.” Newhouse sees Meridian as a vital force for positive change in the communities it serves. “In eastern Indiana, there are boards that are at the point where the entities are ready to shut down. Meridian is not just stuck on automation—it is expanding and growing its services. I really like that. It’s been a long time coming in this region for something to be growing,” she said. MERIDIAN BOARD MEMBER Julie Newhouse board member profile current CURRENT | Meridian Health Services | Summer 2018 13