Meridian Health Services - CURRENT Summer 2018

CURRENT | Meridian Health Services | Summer 2018 15 donor profile current He and his wife, who have “bounced around” because of jobs in the past, are happy to be home, in a place that is familiar. In a place they want to preserve for their own children. So giving back has always been a part of the plan. “Muncie is a great community,” he said. “It’s done a lot for us over the years. My boys are growing up in this community. The impact I have today will leave an impression tomorrow. I am always asking myself what I can do to help build a better community for my children.” One of those things, Audrey said, is to tackle the “narcotics epidemic.” “After sitting in a meeting with Meridian and listening to Hank’s testimony about what Meridian is doing for addicted babies and their mothers, I knew we had to be a part of it,” Craig said, referring to Meridian President and CEO, Hank Milius, discussing Meridian’s Maternal Treatment Program. Craig was inspired by a woman he met who went through the program at Meridian. She is now going back to work with the program to help other moms. Other moms like the woman he saw in the hospital after his wife gave birth to their fourth son. “There was a woman, an addicted mother, who gave birth to a baby prematurely, and I remember seeing this baby get wheeled down the hallway to the NICU,” he recalled. “This baby was the size of a mini football and...” Craig said, pausing, his voice softening. “It’s heartbreaking. It hurts because the babies do not get to make these choices. They don’t have a say. But we do. If we can help them when they are born, and if we can help the mother...if we can turn their lives around...that is a great start. That is a success.” And as their business grows, the Robbins look forward to helping the community even more, but Craig wanted to make one thing clear: “It’s not us supporting this cause, it’s everybody that walks through this door and buys something,” he said. “That’s who is supporting this. Customers support me, believe in me and believe that I will do the best things I can possibly do for this community. Meridian is part of that.” Giving back Walls Furniture Craig and Audrey Robbins help build a better community for all children C CRAIG ROBBINS, CO-OWNER OF WALLS FURNITURE, said he gets phone calls nearly every day asking him to donate or sponsor something within the community. “For me, it has to have a real, tangible impact,” he said, leaning back in one of the large brown leather sectionals on the showroom floor of the Muncie store. “It’s something that I have to feel really good about. Something that I can see making a big difference in our community.” For Craig and his wife, Audrey, that describes Meridian Health Services. Audrey recalls the conversation she and her husband had “a while back about all of the different things we can support or contribute to.” “We decided that we really like to help our local community, but specifically the children,” Audrey said. Meridian does that and more, she said, adding she appreciates Meridian’s “proactive” approach to “whole-person” healthcare, which integrates physical, mental and social well-being. Craig and Audrey were high school sweethearts at Delta and have been married for 12 years with four boys, ranging in age from 3 months to 7 years. Audrey’s parents, Tim and Angelia, originally opened Walls Furniture in 1996 in a small Yorktown warehouse. The store moved to its current location in 2001. Today, it’s led by Craig and Austin Walls (Audrey’s brother) and has grown to include five locations in Anderson, Noblesville and Indianapolis. “We have built our reputation on service,” Craig said, adding, “It’s about more than just selling sofas or mattresses. It’s about helping people find what they need, then being there for them long after the sale.” When he’s not at the furniture store, you can find Craig at the baseball diamond, helping with the Delta Little League. He initially was a coach and is now a board member and a league commissioner. “I am way in deep,” he joked. WALLS FURNITURE OWNERS: Craig and Audrey Robbins CRAIG & AUDREY ROBBINS ‘It’s not us supporting this cause, it’s everybody that walks through this door and buys something.’ — Craig Robbins