Meridian Health Services - CURRENT Summer 2018

CURRENT | Meridian Health Services | Summer 2018 59 M MERIDIAN HEALTH SERVICES EMPLOYS MORE THAN 1,000 people across 46 counties in Indiana, but it is the achievement of the individual that has the greatest impact. “We have the best employees in the world,” said Hank Milius, Meridian’s president and CEO. “I often say Meridian can’t be all things to all people. We need everyone pulling together and that’s what happens with our wonderful employees.” Sarah LaFary, a behavioral clinician in Rush County and Angela Lowry, a clinical supervisor for Rush and Henry counties, are the kind of employees who believe in service above self and exemplify the commitment that makes Meridian strong. “In general, I enjoy just being in the position to help people,” said LaFary. “I help people with their budgeting, life skills, and teach them about healthcare,” she said. “I enjoy just being able to help them reach their goals.” LaFary says a key to her job is teaching her clients about sobriety and a drug-free lifestyle. She assists in finding community resources, jobs, and locate support for parenting skills should they need it. She helps her clients set personal goals. LaFary finds satisfaction in watching the progress in the lives of her clients. “Addiction has taken over several lives and although we cannot help everyone, I believe this is a good start,” she said. “I am proud of Rush County for stepping up and giving those who want it, the guidance and tools they need to make that change and I’m even more proud of Meridian for teaming up and helping those in our community.” During a recent session with Meridian therapist Kennelle Freeman, a patient disclosed that LaFary was helping her make big strides. Freeman also had noticed an improvement. “She (the patient) seemed more willing to try when she had Sarah as a support system,” said Freeman. Since working with Lafary, the patient has gotten a part-time job—a big step for someone who suffers with anxiety issues. It’s that kind of client-based feedback that makes the hard work pay off. “There are some days where I feel like I have been chasing myself in a circle, but when you see successes, or hear positive feedback, it spurs you on,” said LaFary. “It makes me want to get up the next day and do a little more.” Angela Lowery supervises behavioral clinicians and therapists in Rush and Henry counties. Besides ensuring the clinicians are taking care of patients, Lowery makes sure that the clinicians are taking care of themselves. “Angela definitely holds the team together,” said Amanda Bowman, practice manager for Henry County. “She goes above and beyond to make sure that people are feeling supported.” Bowman said it is that kind of care that makes for a successful team. “I believe working together is a team effort and it is important everyone take care of them self in order to assist others,” said Lowery. “I have a passion for taking care of people.” She makes a point to talk with the people she supervises about self-care — getting enough sleep, eating healthy, etc. — and helps them work through any problems. “I enjoy working with our staff and team to enhance our community,” said Angela, “and I enjoy working with my staff as I see them grow.” Freeman says it’s not unusual for Meridian employees to go above and beyond. In many ways, Freeman says, they are heroes. “They’re the underdogs,” said Freeman. “They’re the ones who go unnoticed. They’re the workers in this field who emotionally can suffer in silence while they help other people. Nobody sees this (gesturing to her staff shirt) Meridian logo as a cape but it really is.” approach focuses on enhancing community meridian employees current ‘We have the best employees in the world. We need everyone pulling together and that’s what happens with our wonderful employees.’ — Hank Milius, Meridian President and CEO MERIDIAN EMPLOYEES – NEW CASTLE. Clinical Supervisor Angela Lowry and Practice Manager Amanda Bowman exemplify the commitment that makes Meridian strong. team MERIDIAN EMPLOYEES – RUSHVILLE. Therapist Kennelle Freeman and Behavioral Clinician Sarah LaFary display service above self. Meridian